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🎁 FREE SHIPPING for orders above $25

Golf Tool Sharpener

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Just like your car, your gold clubs require maintenance. Our groove sharpener keeps your clubs in good working order and actually saves you money! You'll hit balls better, improve your spin, and not have to replace your clubs so often.


  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Made from high-grade precision tool Vacuum Heat Treated Steel with a maximum hardness of 65 Rockwell for maximum durability and effectiveness.

  • HEXAGON SHAPED HEAD: GROOVER with 6 Heads has excellent results on both V and U (square) grooves, 2 for U type club grooves, 4 for V type club grooves.

  • LASER CARVED GRIP SURFACE: Designed for long-term use. The ergonomic grip makes it is easy and comfortable to use. Highly durable!